How will you announce your wedding date?

What another cute save the date announcement!


Will you have a candy station at your wedding reception?

I love this idea… Guest go crazy for candy stations. A large selection to please all your guests…

Please follow the order time lines below, “This PREVENTS High Stress Levels”

I cannot say this any more times as I already do every day……

Please follow the order time lines below, “This PREVENTS High Stress Levels”

Bridal gowns 8 o 12 months in advance…..

Mother gowns 6 to 8 months in advance……

Bridesmaids 6 to 8 months in advance……..

Flower girl dresses 6 months in advance…….


Do no wait to order your gowns, dresses, etc……

The stress level gets VERY HIGH….. Customers say things they do not mean.

I say, trust Giggi, she has always pulled through for her customers…. This is why you buy local and not online because you have me to get things done!!!

How do you plan to accessorize on your wedding day?

We all have individual personalities and style, and we express who we are in many ways. You use makeup to highlight your face, which adds to your personality and style. And we are able to tell a story about ourselves by the accessories we choose. You accessorize your wardrobe with a variety of shoes, belts, hair accessories, and more to create different looks and add more to your personality.

Wedding-day accessories—from your veil, to your shoes, to your bouquet and your jewelry—can contribute to your look in many creative ways. But do not over accessorize.

Will you be wearing a veil?

The wedding veil is a popular headpiece brides wear during the ceremony. The bridal veil symbolizes many things, even though the modern bride treats it as an accessory.

In ancient cultures, a bride wore a veil for protection against dangerous sand storms and evil spirits that could cause her harm. From a practical perspective, the wedding veil kept the groom in an arranged marriage from looking on his bride’s face until after he had taken his vows.

Bridal veils symbolize purity and innocence. Because only first-time brides are virgins, tradition dictates that brides do not wear a veil for the second marriage.

When the groom lifts the veil at the end of the ceremony, it symbolizes that he has taken over for the care of his bride. A modern bride may lift her own veil to symbolize that she is giving herself away as an equal partner in the marriage.

The common elements of the wedding veil also have origins steeped in tradition. The choice of a lace veil over more common tulle represents wealth, as does the tiara.

Although the white wedding veil is a modern tradition, white was not always the color of preference. Christians in the Renaissance era preferred blue, while ancient Greeks chose fiery shades of red and yellow.

What's the flower girls primary role?

What’s the flower girl’s primary role? To be darling, of course. But rosy cheeks and ribbons aside, her cruise down the aisle is no small feat. Having a flower girl is optional, but it’s a nice way to make a favorite little person feel a part of it all. Here’s an explanation of her role and tips to help make it easy.

The flower girl, usually an adorable little lady aged three to eight, proceeds down the aisle just before the maid of honor, scattering rose petals along the bridal path. She follows the ring bearer (if there is one), and sometimes she will even precede the bride. Traditionally, she totes a basket full of petals, but other alternatives include wrapped candies or confetti. Also, instead of scattering aforementioned items, she can carry a single bloom, a pomander (a lush ball of flowers), or blow bubbles.

Never underestimate the power of the buddy system. We love the idea of having two flower girls or pairing up ring bearer and flower girl so that they can proceed together, side by side. Partnering will give them added confidence.

If some bridesmaids are skittish about the processional, then the flower girl is definitely going to be a little spooked. To communicate the importance of her role, while minimizing the pressure, the bride should explain the flower girl’s duties to her well in advance. The parents should follow up with pep talks and rehearsals.

If possible, arrange to have the flower girl attend the shower and/or the bridesmaids’ lunch (if the bride is having one) to boost her comfort level around the other (bigger) bridal attendants. Seeing friendly, familiar faces on the big day will help to ease any anxiety.

Seat the flower girl’s parents toward the front of the ceremony so she can focus on them and be encouraged by their smiles of reassurance. The very young flower girl should sit with her parents after she walks; poised little ladies may stand at the altar with the other bridal attendants.

Flower girls aren’t limited to wearing mini replicas of the bride’s dress. Tea-length white dresses with a bonnet or satin bow are standard and sweet, but there are many little-girl looks to choose from.

Keep in mind that having children in the ceremony means there’s only so much one can control. Rest assured that whatever the flower girl does (cries, drops the basket, and lifts up her dress…), her personality and preciousness will make the guests smile.

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