You are getting married

Today is going to be a day that you shall never forget. Enjoy the bliss of becoming one. May marriage bring great joy, love and passion in your life.Bridalshow-213


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Your wedding day accessories

Bridal accessories add beauty, elegance and even a bit of magic to a bride’s attire and the entire wedding experience. Because the right accessories can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary – and no wedding is really complete without that little extra detail in your accessories that separates the spectacular from the humdrum.

Selecting the right wedding accessories can be a balancing act, so it’s important to remember it’s all about congruence and consistency. Your tiara or headpiece needs to co-ordinate with your hairstyle and must be chosen carefully. The right piece is truly a crowning glory. The wedding veil adds the finishing touch – it co-ordinates with your hair.Bel Aire 428705585191797129_n

May you always feel as close as you do this day. May your lives be graced with good health. May you always find happiness in your home, and may it be a refuge from the storms of life. May your love grow ever stronger as you share your lives together, and may your future be even more wonderful than you.bride _1535486184_n

Your little girl is getting married

Your daughter is getting married! This is a momentous time in your life, a beautiful and awe-inspiring occasion for both of you. You are witnessing your little girl step into the full bloom of her womanhood, watching her as she stands on the precipice of an extraordinary transformation. Where has the time gone? Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was taking her first steps, then trotting off to school, going on her first date, graduating from high school, and finally leaving home? The beauty and challenge of motherhood is that as tightly as you would like to hold on to your precious one, you continually need to let go. And with each letting go, you watch her step further into the unique woman that she is, embracing her strengths, challenging her weaknesses, learning what it is to be human. And now she is getting married.CORB1051


Weddings can be stressful — we get it. You want everything to be perfect, and most brides like to call the shots when it comes to their special day. But if your lifelong best friend resigned from her post as maid of honor, and the 7-year-old flower girl is breaking out in hives from the stress of throwing petals at your feet, you need to take a step back. You’ve entered bridezilla territory.

Here could be a few signs that you’re turning into a bridezilla. If any of these are at all applicable to you, or they sound like something you’d consider doing, re-evaluate your priorities. Wedding planning should be fun, after all. First, we’ll tell you why insisting on the best of everything could be bringing out the worst in you.


It’s perfectly natural to want the best of everything for your wedding. However, if your parents are on a fixed income and you’re not floating the bill, don’t hold too steadfastly to a vision of crystal candelabras and $150 per-person plated dinners. This can put you well on your way to becoming a bridezilla. You can have a great wedding without forcing your parents to take out a second mortgage. Just scale it back a little. So you’ll have heavy hors d’oeuvres instead of a five-course meal. The guests can mingle in the buffet line.


Before you started planning your wedding, you got along with everyone. But your friends and family all seem to have spontaneously transformed into insensitive jerks since you got engaged. We’ve got a bit of bad news: It’s you, not them. If conversations with your mother have turned into shouting matches, and you’re throwing around colorful four-letter words when you address your wedding planner, you’re totally on your way to becoming a bridezilla. You have a vision for your wedding, but people are going to have different opinions and ideas. You don’t have to incorporate all of them into your ceremony or reception, but you should at least hear everyone out.


Most brides hire a professional photographer to capture every moment of their wedding day. You’ll still be pulling out those pictures when you’re old and gray, so it’s understandable that you’ll want members of the wedding party to look their best.

But we draw the line at firing a bridesmaid because she revealed she’s pregnant and you don’t want her to look “fat” in your photos. Also unacceptable? Sending a waxing salon gift card to your future sister-in-law a few days before the ceremony with a note that reads “upper lip.” Tone it down, and try to see others’ flaws as reasons you’ll look all the more radiant on your special day.


You used to be the best of friends, now your bridesmaids are avoiding your calls. Maybe it’s because you’ve demanded twice-weekly meetings and have been sending them daily text updates, even though your wedding is still six months out. If you need that much attention, get a wedding planner — or a therapist. Your friends are happy for you, but they have lives that revolve around more than your big day


Have you missed an inordinate amount of work since getting engaged? Are you too busy to console your best friend after an especially nasty breakup? If you’re expecting your sister to postpone her planned C-section until after you get hitched, or you’re thinking about telling your boss that you can’t work Wednesdays and Fridays for the next six months because you have so much wedding planning to do, you’re being a bridezilla. It’s time to face reality. Your wedding is important, sure, but so are your other relationships and responsibilities. Don’t neglect everything else in your life or expect other people to drop everything they’re doing just because you’re going to say “I do.” Head on back to work, and go visit your grieving girlfriend. You can deal with your pending nuptials later.


It’s a bad sign if no one is taking your calls — even if you’re paying them. Say your wedding planner quit, the cake designer won’t return your e-mails, and your caterer just sent you a refund check and a note asking not to be contacted again. Sure, maybe you’re right — they’re all incompetent — or perhaps you’re being a bit unreasonable. Still can’t figure it out? Think about that last message you left the poor florist. If you’re expecting good service from your vendors, you need to treat them like the industry experts they are.


You’re a bride, not a queen. You can’t exactly issue a decree proclaiming that no female attending the ceremony wear white just because you don’t want any unfavorable comparisons. Yes, it was once — and still is, according to some etiquette experts — a faux pas for female guests to wear white to a wedding. But there’s not much you can do about your brother’s new socially dim-witted girlfriend. What are you going to do, kick her out? On second thought, let’s not even go there.

Proclaiming that no female attending the ceremony wear white just because you don’t want any unfavorable comparisons. Yes, it was once — and still is, according to some etiquette experts — a faux pas for female guests to wear white to a wedding. But there’s not much you can do about your brother’s new socially dim-witted girlfriend. What are you going to do, kick her out? On second thought, let’s not even go there.


Have you already started thinking about where you’re going to store your new crystal? Who do you think is going to shell out for the silver — or the china? What about the high-end digital camera or the top-of-the-line luggage? Unless your last name is Gates, and your daddy’s first name is Bill, the only thing a registry filled with $100-plus items is going to get you is a bunch of congratulatory cards. Sure, your families will probably splurge on something nice, and close friends might want to drop a few Benjamin’s for the occasion, but the rest of your guests aren’t looking to spoil you with high-tech gadgets and fine cutlery. If they do, great, but be sure to pepper your registry with a few less expensive items, like coffee makers, toasters and griddles, for the rest of us, OK?Bridezilla 26-86543766-Resized-1024x681

Junior bridesmaid

Iflower girl head pieces for 2014 fashion showf you have a young girl that you would like to include in the wedding, but she is above the age of 8 or so, you can instead consider her as a junior bridesmaid. She is mature enough to stand up at the front as part of the wedding party and join in as a younger bridesmaid.

Flower girls

A cute little thank you gift is a nice gesture to give the flower girl as a lasting memory of her being part of the wedding. Including the flower girl in the wedding photos is also a very cute addition, but it is not recommended to take them along on photo shoots as after all, they are young children and may get bored or require some more attention. Photos of the flower girl with the ring bearer can be absolutely adorable.

Flower girls often will walk to quickly, so be sure to let them know that they will be photographed, (if they like that sort of thing) if they move slower for more people to smile and enjoy their presence. Once she has walked down the aisle, it is best for her to go and sit with her parents. As she is just a young girl, her focus and attention span will likely not last the duration of the of the wedding ceremony so it is best that she is not expected to stand up as part of the wedding party.

Prior to her walking down the aisle she will also need to be looked after and advised on when she should start her walk. If one of her parents is in the wedding party, they can look after her and the ring bearer if you have one, as the bride and her father will other things to worry about, so they might be the best people to ensure the flower girl is behaving and all prepared. If a parent is not in the wedding party the Maid of honor, or whoever are the last people to walk out before the bride, might be the best person to keep an eye on them. If nothing else is working out, a parent can always wait outside with the flower girl until it is her turn to walk down the aisle and slip in on their once the bride has down her walk. If this is the case, just make sure you don’t accidentally end up in any of the photos of the bride walking down the aisle. This may also mean that they (the parent) might miss some of the ceremony as a result of waiting outside for a good opportunity to walk in to the ceremony.

Flower girls can often lighten the mood during the ceremony. As they are quite young they can often do some typically lighthearted childish type things that bring about a good laugh for all wedding guests and others in the wedding party.

It is always a good idea to check the venue of your wedding ceremony to see if tossing flowers on the floor is okay. Some place might not like that or will have to ensure that there is someone there to clean it up afterwards.FlowerGirlPhoto

Your Flower Girl

Flower girls traditionally take part in the wedding ceremony and walk down the aisle with a basket of flowers and drop flower pedals as they proceed. They are by no means required at a wedding, but should you want to go with one it is a good idea to get an understanding of what they do.

Flowers girls are usually young members of the family, the wedding couples’ own children, nieces or close family friends, and between the ages of 2 – 8. They are often dolled up and sent to walk down the aisle before the bride and her father. Typically flower girls carry a basket of wedding flowers that might match or accent nicely the bride’s bouquet or the other colors used in the wedding.

The younger the precious little flower girl is, the less likely she is to be focused on her role. That might mean that unplanned things happen, which can be adorable if they do something cute, or frustrating if they are misbehaving. Judge not only the age of the flower girl, but her maturity level and ability to focus and do as they are instructed.flower girl Screen-shot-2010-10-06-at-4_16_35-PM

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