Your Flower Girl

Flower girls traditionally take part in the wedding ceremony and walk down the aisle with a basket of flowers and drop flower pedals as they proceed. They are by no means required at a wedding, but should you want to go with one it is a good idea to get an understanding of what they do.

Flowers girls are usually young members of the family, the wedding couples’ own children, nieces or close family friends, and between the ages of 2 – 8. They are often dolled up and sent to walk down the aisle before the bride and her father. Typically flower girls carry a basket of wedding flowers that might match or accent nicely the bride’s bouquet or the other colors used in the wedding.

The younger the precious little flower girl is, the less likely she is to be focused on her role. That might mean that unplanned things happen, which can be adorable if they do something cute, or frustrating if they are misbehaving. Judge not only the age of the flower girl, but her maturity level and ability to focus and do as they are instructed.flower girl Screen-shot-2010-10-06-at-4_16_35-PM


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