The Advantages of Dressing Well


When it comes to initial impressions, your clothes say just as much as your words — and a wardrobe comprised of well-fitted, well-tailored, and well-chosen options conveys confidence. Let the act of getting dressed provide an opportunity to present the best possible version of yourself to the world. You’ll find that looking good and feeling good are intrinsically linked. Start with one of our shirts, and you’ll see what I mean. Contact Mr. G. 978-568-3333


Your Personal stylist

I’m Keith Berube, Personal Stylist and Style Associate representing J.Hilburn menswear in Hudson, MA. Passion for design and fashion is our driving force. We are so excited about helping our clients look great and feel great about the way they dress! We are located at 51-C Main Street Hudson, MA 01749 978-568-3333berube-50


Tbride and groom 1319561178351-BarrentineFlattKristinVanzantPhotographyIMG4858lowhere is nothing as beautiful as a couple making a lifelong commitment to each other.

The beauty lies not in the flowers or the cake or the ceremony, but in their faith, in their hope, in their love. We have dedicated ourselves to wedding formal wear. And as we style and fit your wedding party, our first priority is to ensure that the outfit your fiance` and his groomsmen wear is worthy of such a beautiful occasion.


A well Dressed Man isn’t hard to find….

You won’t have to look very far to find your well-dressed man on your wedding day. Mr. G’s Tuxedos we’ll make sure you find the perfect style for your groom and his groomsmen. We combine the latest styles with years of tailoring experience to have your groom looking his very best. We can fit all body types, so that everyone looks and feels their best!

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